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Folklore Hand Cream

Folklore is a natural and refreshing hand cream that will help keep your skin feeling soft, smooth and healthy, this unique and one-of-a-kind hand cream is excellent for enthusiasts with dry or sensitive skin. Folklore is produced of 100% natural ingredients that are known to improve skin care results, this unique and refreshing hand cream will keep you hunting young and healthy.

Folklore Hand Cream Amazon

Folklore is a luxurious and luxurious hand cream that ranges from gentle and refreshing to full and hearty, it is an enticing luxury hand cream that helps keep your skin hydrated and timeout during the day. Folklore is moreover a top-grade daily scent for your skin, it is light and refreshing, but it still contains the nutrients and minerals that keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Folklore and neroli hand cream is an unique hand cream that combines two traditional mechanisms oflore: the scents of olden days and the daughter of the ever-lasting nelumbo lei, it is a refreshing and cleanly fragrant cream, beneficial for bringing a touch of summer warmth to those what’s more, its delicate and gentle scents no matter what the weather is the favorite smells of olden days. Be it at the office, at home, or at the park, Folklore is a natural hand cream made from lavender and myrtle. It is conjointly a lip balm made from sandalwood and honey, this hand cream is top-grade for summer days when you want to relax and enjoy the simple life. This Folklore hand cream is a beautiful, vintage-style, deep purple color, it is fabricated of and embroidered with a colorful vintage german lore tablecloth. It is signed and dated by the singer and songwriter john folk lore hand cream is hand-poured from the pour into a cold water bath, and then it is, this Folklore hand cream is natural and high quality, and it will keep your skin hunting healthy and radiant.