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Hempz Hemp Hand Cream

Hempz exotic natural herbal body moisturizer with pure Hemp seed oil is a luxurious moisturizer that uses natural ingredients to create an unique and exotic natural herbal moisturizer.

Top 10 Hempz Hemp Hand Cream

Hempz is a high-quality Hemp oil hand cream that contains three times the amount of cbd of other brands, the cream is rich in flavor and can be used to moisturize the skin for a healthy buildup of oil and makeup. Hempz is a natural, cream that is designed to keep skin feeling good all day long, this hand cream features a hearty, maple-flavored butter that gives the cream a little extra flavor. The shea butter is likewise smooth and creamy, making it an ideal base for many other compositions, Hempz is a natural, "ancestral" plant used in natural dermatology care and skin treatment products. It mash-ups sweet and fruity with a tart and creamy taste, it also contains of frances cannabis oil which is the best of the best for skin care. This hand cream is an outstanding amount to leave you feeling refreshed and content, the Hempz herbal extracts original body moisturizer lotion is an unique and delicious surrogate to keep your skin healthy and digging beautiful. Our unique blend of cbd and thc are scrape from the cbd indica and (-thc) sativa plants, our lotion is rich in cbd and thc levels and offers gentle and effective our unique lotion doesn't leave your skin feeling dry or.