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Horse Fat Hand Cream

Our Horse Fat hand cream is a sterling addition to your store, this cream is manufactured with an 60 g of Horse Fat that is natural and healthy for the skin. It is a must-have for a person who wants to improve their complexion and protect their skin from the external factors like sun and pollution.

Top 10 Horse Fat Hand Cream

The Horse Fat hand cream is a rich cream that is said to be good for your hands and skin, it contains 60 g of Horse Fat which is said to be beneficial for your skin and hands because it is said to be good for your skin when you have Horse Fat on your skin. The cream is said to be authentic and to be an outstanding substitute for folks searching for a good quality hand cream, the Horse Fat cream is an unique blend of fragrant oils and ingredients that was created to leave your skin feeling striking and radiant. This cream is ideal for your delicate skin as it contains a combination of natural and artificial Horse Fat and shea butter, the new 60 g size of Horse Fat hand cream is larger enough to give you a full, smooth complexion but small enough to keep on hand. All-natural hand cream that helps soothe and protect the skin from throughout the year, the cream is manufactured from a blend of pure Horse Fat and natural botanical extracts, so it is gentle on the skin and quickly absorbed. This cream is likewise non-toxic and non-alcoholic, making it peerless for shoppers with sensitive skin, this Horse Fat hand cream is a must-have for lovers with any sort of skin condition! It composition includes natural oils and ingredients such as shea oil and citric acid that help to soothe and protect the skin. The cream also leaves a slightly sweet smell and feel.