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Lollia Breathe Hand Cream

Are you feeling a little bit of dry skin try Lollia Breathe peony and white lily shea butter hand cream 1, 25 oz new in box. This cream is packed with ingredients like lavender and lavender oil, shea butter, and white lily shea flour to soothe and protect your hands, the cream also features a touch of vanilla and a touch of lemon juice to give it a beautiful, fresh scent. and because its a hand cream, it won't leave your hands feeling dry and junky.

Lollia Breathe Peony & White Lily Handcreme  Shea Butter Cream

Lollia Breathe Peony & White

By Lollia Breathe Handcreme


Lollia #1 Try Me Petite Handcreme Favorites Trio of  Relax Wish Breathe

Lollia #1 Try Me Petite

By Lollia Petite Treat Handcreme Trio


Bar Soap Shower Gel

Top 10 Lollia Breathe Hand Cream

This Lollia Breathe hand cream is a gentle and windless cream that helps to improve the overall comfort and sound of the mouth and lungs, it is fabricated with natural ingredients and is ideal for lovers with asthma. This hand cream is a luxurious cream that uses natural ingredients to soothe and protect the skin, the documentary film style presentation gives the impression that it is more of than a hand cream, and is instead of their standard soap. This cream is conjointly vegan and gluten-free, this hand cream is a very light, natural and refreshing type of breath work that will make you feel great. It is produced with a blend of natural ingredients that will help to improve your skin's overall hydration and conditions your skin with its own natural hydration, this niche is about Lollia Breathe beauty box 4 piece perfume hand cream bar soap shower gel. This product is a beneficial hand cream and is produced to hydrate and protect the skin, it provides a sweet scent and a light oil-like flavor.