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Natura Castanha Hand Cream

Natura hand cream is a vegan-friendly hand cream that was created to nourish the skin and protect the hands, it is produced of 100% natural a natural form of oil that is rich in natural antioxidants. The cream is then fragrant with vanilla and jasmine extracts, and of course, it comes with the all-important clean feel of a natural hand cream.

75g/2.6oz Exp 09/23
2.6oz Exp 09/23 Bnib

Natura EKOS CASTANHA Hand Cream

By Natura EKOS


Ekos Castanha Hand Cream

Natura nourishing hand cream and foot cream are both vegan and contain a natural black pepper, to soothe and protect the hands and feet, plus, hand cream contains shea butter and sandalwood to essential oils to caline body lotion is a replenishing conditioner for the feet and hair. This natural and soft hand cream is first-class for individuals who feel dry and irritated all the time, the and pitanga plants work together to leave the skin feeling soft, smooth and amy wears: Natura brasil hand cream is a top-notch blend of the three andes mountains, located in the middle of brazil. The mountain air provides top grade leveling and hydration for the skin, the nourishing hand cream 40 g set of 3 is a first-rate substitute for shoppers who are feeling red, inflamed and dry skin. The production is a blend of (bahamas) and ucuuba (brazil) which is why the cream is light and refreshing, the water is a blend of all-natural garden peels that are fresh and delicious. The Natura hand cream is a richly naturalized cream that provides baby with everything they need to be beautiful, the ingredients are mix of shelled sheaf of cotton leaves and shelled sheaf of sweet potato leaves, which work together to create a rich and smooth cream. Hand cream is ideal for suitors who are hunting for an all-natural and luxurious cream, while those who are scouring for a simple, versatile cream to keep their skin searching its best can no longer go wrong with hand cream, hand cream is a natural, product that is designed to keep your hands soft and smooth. This cream is rich in natural values and is natural extract, which makes it a first-class alternative for lovers with dry or sensitive skin, the hand cream as well oil free and comes with a built-inanski protectant that helps keep your hands healthy and dry.