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Daisy Fuentes Hand Cream

This Daisy Fuentes hand cream collection will provide your feet with everything they need to feel equation and relax, this hand cream renders a light, refreshing flavor that will help to soothe and relax your hands as well.

Daisy Fuentes Hand Cream Price

Daisy Fuentes hand cream is prime for lovers who have thin skin and wants to stay hydrated, the hand cream contains frankincense and myrtle which are calming and expectorant. It also gives blood work and designs which are idea of peace and stillness, this Daisy Fuentes hand cream is a moisturizing and soft-gels that can be used on the hands or face. It provides a two-flavor formula that is terrific for each weather condition, this cream as well water-resistant and grants it's gentle on the skin and will leave you feeling refreshed and happy. The hibiscus and mint are refreshing flavors that help to promote relaxation, this hand cream comes in one-ounce containers.