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Gold Bond Ultimate Intensive Healing Hand Cream

This rich and nourishing cream is unequaled for the skin that feels dry, red, and inflamed, the Gold Bond technology provides long-lasting hydration and is combined with a fresh, light, and scentsy scent. This is a first rate way for someone hunting for a gentle and effective Healing hand cream.

Gold Bond Intensive Healing Hand Cream

This Gold bond-intensive Healing cream is terrific for enthusiasts with Gold band issues! The light-fresh version of the cream helps to soothe and protect hands from the inside out, looking for a reliable and effective Gold Bond Ultimate Healing hand cream? Don't search more than the 3 oz. Size! This high-quality cream can not only heal wounds but also provide other benefits such as relief from stress, pain and injected machinery, so go ahead and take advantage of this amazing opportunity to get more rest and happiness. Gold Bond Ultimate Healing hand cream is an unique formula that combines Gold and oil to create an intense experience for hands, the oil is used to prevent chafing and heal deeper, leaving the hands feeling soft, smooth and healthy. The Gold is used to create a radiant look in the skin and the Gold Bond prevents movement and adherence to surfaces, looking for a Healing solution for your hand? Try our Gold bond™: 3 oz of intense Healing hand cream that will help to soothe and protect your skin! Get your hands digging like new with our addition to our Ultimate Intensive Healing line of hand cream options.